Plant pests and how to overcome it

Plant pests and how to overcome it.
There are some wines that are plant pests attacking specific parts of this plant. Here are a few types, and how to resolve it:

The termites attack the newly growing cuttings, or unhealthy trees. Often emerges from the manure if fertilizer is less ripe.
Can be controlled by planting vine cuttings in sand.
Can also use pesticides made from whole mimba with measure 100 g/plant, or contact insecticide 1-2 g/l.

Caterpillar pouch

Damaging the leaves by making it hollow. Living in a cocoon.
Can be controlled with systemic pesticides in leaf, made from whole mimba 30 g/l of water.

Leaf beetle

Black/brown colour, damaging the vines at night, during the day and hide in the ground.
Controlled by placing a light or other lighting tools for trap, then spray with pesticides.


You can sprinkle the porridge California or Bordo in leaves, and use a systemic pesticide of sulfur.


Attack the branches and stems that are less, so that the mucus has occurred and then wilted.
Controlled by pruning the affected part and set it on fire.
Former hole stopper using a powder seed mimba.

Other animals

For example mice, bats, birds, etc.
Fix by wrapping fruit almost ripe with paper.
Pairs of nets beneath para-para.
Install lights near the plant.

Plant disease and His Wines

In addition to many pests, diseases that can also be experienced by the vines, especially attacking the specific section, for example:
Downy Mildew (Dew Hairy)

Attacking in the rainy season and very quickly spread.
The symptoms, on top of leaves blemishes greenish yellow, and extending so Brown. At the bottom of this layer there are patches of white flour.
When attacking the fruit, rotten tomatoes and brownish black, like the crust.
Controlled by reducing moisture in the garden, prune branches that are diseased, wearing a plastic roof, using Slurry fungsida Bordo, planting Isabella, Delaware, Tegal and black.

Powdery Mildew

A fungus that attacks the leaves and fruit in the transition from the dry to the wet.
The symptoms in the leaves, there is an increasingly widespread white flour, Brown, and dismissed the leaves. When attacking the fruit make it white, so Brown warty, then crimped.
Handled by pruning the leaves and spread fungsida-mankozeb and karbendazim.

Leaf Rust

Occurs in old leaves, at the bottom of the leaves there is a flour orange red ripe sapodilla fruit to its spores.
If severe, the whole surface of the leaves are covered with spores, making her loss.
Pruning, burning leaves, and use a fungicide Benomyl and Mankozeb is the way to control it.

Rotten Fruit

Attack the fruit will be ripe, marked skin tissue in the breaks, and then mengkerut.
Controlled with throw rotten fruit, sanitation, and use fungicides Maneb and Zineb.

Roll The Leaves

The leaves are so symmetrical and not smaller than normal leaves.
The plant is destroyed instantly, and then keep the potassium content in soil

Thus some types of pests and disease that usually strikes the vines. may be useful.