How to cope with diseases on the crop of spinach

How to cope with diseases on the crop of spinach
Spinach is one of the vegetables that are taken to be consumed and the leaves have a scientific name Amaranthus spp. Plants originated in tropical America and is renowned as one of the plants with a high source of iron and it is important for the body especially for pregnant women. In cultivation it has and, if not treated properly, then these plants will be vulnerable to pests and disease.

The pest is usually attacked the plant spinach is the Caterpillar of the leaf. Plusia spodoptera hymnea can lead to plant spinach has a hole on the leaves. His way is to use pesticides or shake the plants. When do the spraying, should use the long shirt and trousers with sneakers booth and do not forget to use a mask to avoid poisoning due to pesticide use.

Other regular pest attacks the spinach and his ways are:

Insect Myzuz persicae aphids or Thrips sp. This Pest can damage the leaves, making it hollow and made it wither. His way by spraying pesticides or shake the plant in the morning so that the ticks hitang.
Polyphagotarsonemus latus or Tungai that can make the damaged leaves, wilting and perforated. How to control with pesticides or shake the plant.

The disease usually attacks the disease leaves are leaves or leaf spot stains. Spinach exposed to this disease will have a Brown stain on the leaves and will crush the leaves. The disease is caused by the lack of element Mn. Control that can be done is by spraying Dithane M-45 with a dose of 1.5 to 2 g/l on plants that have not been stricken, use multitonik.

Prevention can be done by giving the chalk when cultivate the soil that will be used to plant spinach so that the soil does not lack elements of Mn.