How to Control pests and diseases on crops Carrot

How to Control pests and diseases on crops Carrot

The carrot is a type of plant of the genus Daucus biennical plants, namely plants, which have a life cycle of about 12-24 months. This plant is a large deposit of carbohydrates that are used for growing and flowering in the second year. Carrots have a flower stem can grow up to 1 m with flowers that are white. This plant is good for keeping the famous eye health because they contain vitamin A.

Pests and diseases could threaten the growth of plants and the results are not the maximum. Caterpillar soil is one of the pests that attack the carrots. Agrotis ipsilon scientific named animal Hufn or called by the name of hileud or Nilgiri uler taneuh or these cutworms are brown to black with a length of about 4-5 hiding underground.

The characteristics of the plant affected by this pest is a young carrot plant will wither and droop. For his is done by taking the worms manually in the morning or during the day,

Maintain the cleanliness of the garden and also crop plants. Control by means of the chemical insecticide Indofuran type 3 g or 3 g Furadan when planting.

Other pests that typically attack the carrot:

Or aphids Aphis spp. Pest is under leaves or on the tops of the plants. Plants that have been affected by this pest will make the leaves curl and abnormal. His way is to set the time planting together in 1 stretch of land.
A fly or a magot or Psila rosae which can lead to plant carrots perforated and does not look good. Control by means of planting or crop with insecticides Fizz 2.5 EC.

The disease usually attacks the carrot is cercospora leaf spot caused by the fungus cercospora carotae (pass) solheim. If the plant is exposed to this disease of the carrot, then the leaves will arise brown spots or there is a white field on the outskirts of the patches. Control can be done as follows:

Disinfection of seeds using a solution of copper chloride with fungicide 1/mill for 5 minutes.
Crop planting with crops that are not se-family with carrots.
Clean the rest of the plants around the garden.
Spraying fungicides for example with Dithane M-45 0.2%.

Other carrot diseases and how to handle:

Nematodes rhizobia caused microorganism types of nematodes root and tuber thus sista be malformed and there are bumps that are abnormal. His way by doing a rotation crop with other kinds of plants that are not se-family or no family, the grant of land and use nematisida for example Rhocap 10 G or 10 G of Rugby.
Spoilage caused by alternaria fungus Alternaria dauci Kuhn. The leaves are small colored patches are dark brown to black and yellow green color. Seed disinfection e.g. with control for 5 minutes using a solution of copper chloride with fungicide 1/miles.