Here's How To Control Pests And Rubber Plant Disease

Here's How To Control Pests And Rubber Plant Disease

Rubber plant as other plants, rubber plantations also did not escape from attack or disruption of pests. This pest attacks need to be addressed immediately so that the plant can grow lush and maximum
productivity. Now for more details the disorder or disease or pest attacks and his manner can be listened here.

Here's How To Control Pests And Rubber Plant Disease
There are many kinds of pests that become enemies of rubber plants start when planting nursery stage to the production stage. This also includes the pest is difficult to be controlled are:
Pests Rats (Rattus spp.)
These pests include the longest pests attack plants, this pest becoming ardent foes for the farmers of rubber. "This pest has emerged from the nursery stage, nurseries, pest is already troubling because meruak plants with consuming on the leaves and seeds of plants which are still small.
How To Control
To control this pest by means of protecting with guarding and close to meeting with wire gauze it is aimed so that the rats could not ruin it.
Pest Grasshoppers
In time the seedbed in addition to pest rodents, there are also other pests such as locusts. Why do grasshoppers including the enemy for farmers, since this can damage the locust gum plant at the nursery by eating young leaves. However the insect it can be dangerous because it includes very eve or greedy. Do not hesitate when easy leaves is up to these pests also eat the leaves of the old one.

How To Control
To control this pest can be done by spraying with insecticide Thiodan, types of use for spraying can be done every 1-2.
Pest Snail (Achatina fulicd)
At the time of breeding pests can also create problems for farmers, since these pests love to eat the leaves of rubber at the site of the nursery. Due to this pest attack symptoms will seen on the leaves of the will be broken. On the leaves there are broken strands of colored  shiny which is the trail of the snail.
How To Control
To control this pest can be done mechanically by means of collecting these pests to keep from the rubber plant. And with the chemical formula by making the poison from a mixture of bran, lime, cement and meradex. By dissolving this bran moistened in advance by way of a little water and then placed on the area of the nursery.
Uret Soil Pests
This pest is the larvae of several types of beetles such as the Helotrichia and the Helotrichia rufajlava. These pests have characterized as the letter C by having a white color to tend to a pale yellow. This includes pest pest that can harm because they can eat at the rubber plant in the ground.
How To Control
For pest control this by sprinkling the types of Furadan 3 G. For mechanically can be done by collecting the pest and then set it on fire. And while chemically can be done by sprinkling the furadan 3 gatau diazinon

10 G, or Basudin 10 G of rubber around the tree.
Termite Pests
As for termites that become pests to plant rubber, teruma species type Microtermes. I and Captotermes c. Typically this termite will gnaw the seeds just planting at soil. Termite is quite dangerous because the tampered from the tip of the root, then to stum attack this impact damage will be very severe.

How To Control
For pest control can be mechanical, technical culture with da chemically. In the technical culture of the tip slightly above the eye to stum wrapped by using plastic this is so the termites didn't eat it. Chemically can be done by spraying a solution of insecticide on the rubber stem.
Pest Infestation
For this type of mite that become plant pests Saissetia nigra is rubber, Laccifer greeni. Types of ticks planococcus dark brown body covered by a sort of smooth glossy colored wax. The lice are becoming the main enemy because of the rubber tree by way of sucking up liquid on young leaves by way of poking into certain sections.
How To Control
For pest control, this can be done by spraying using insecticides that corresponds to a dose that has been recommended.